Executive Summary

Many employers are simply nice people who have difficulty providing tough love necessary to build up a case for cause

Author of the article:

Howard Levitt

Publishing date:

Oct 28, 2022  •

Generally, employers try to do the right thing and are well-intentioned. Sometimes, however, “doing the right thing” is the wrong thing.

Employers make many mistakes in dealing with employees. They tend not to discipline employees engaged in misconduct who provide a doctor’s note and often don’t discipline employees who make frivolous claims of harassment. Another mistake employers make is giving positive feedback to employees with performance issues. Positive comments should be preceded by telling the employees that their overall performance is poor and that they may be dismissed for cause if there is no improvement. When an employer fails to discipline bad conduct, it is as if the employer condoned the behaviour, which may be used as a defence to bad conduct.

Some employers can’t resist giving a raise to an employee whose conduct doesn’t warrant one, or saying positive things to employees in order to be friends or develop social relationships. This makes it difficult to discipline employees. It is imperative to give warnings to employees in writing when performance is poor and to provide tough love instead of simply being nice.

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